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1993 - Buried Bones
1994 - Avenue Breakdown
Track Listing
1) After Hours (Doyle-Whiting Band)
2) Avenue Breakdown (Backbone Slip)
3) Ring Of Fire (Doyle-Whiting Band)
4) Flesh & Blood (Doyle-Whiting Band)
5) I'll Be On My Way (Free Will)
6) Ramblin' (Free Will)
7) Gotta Move (Jukin' Bone)
8) Spirit In The Dark (Jukin' Bone)
9) Whiskey Wpman (Jukin' Bone)
10) Bright Lights, Big City (Backbone Slip)
11) Rockin' Weekend (Doyle-Whiting Band)
12) Revenge (In The Name Of Love) (Doyle-Whiting Band)
13) Way Down East (Jukin' Bone)
14) Mojo Conqueroo (Jukin' Bone)
15) I'm Crying (Doyle-Whiting Band)
16) Baby, Please Don't Go (Doyle-Whiting Band)
17) I'm Movin' On (Doyle-Whiting Band)
Blue Wave Recording Artist
Syracuse, New York
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Mark Doyle and Joe Whiting are one of the most celebrated partnerships from Syracuse, New York's rich pool of musicians. They have played together in various bands dating back to the early 1960's. I would highly recommend listening a copy of Buried Bones to get a full understanding of the music these guys have put together. Tours with the likes of early Van Halen and contributions to many other projects are just a part of their resume. Visit  the
Mark Doyle and Jumpin' Joe Whiting official websites for more information.
Track Listing
1) Mama, Talk To Your Daughter
2) A Fool For You
3) I Can't Always Be, What You Want Me To Be
4) Big Legged Woman
5) Walk On
6) Bright Lights, Big City
7) Brigitte's Blues
8) Avenue Breakdown
9) That's My Mistake
10) Ramblin'
11) Dangerzone
12) Trouble Everyday
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Mark Doyle & Joe Whiting
1962-1971: Free Will
1971-1973: Jukin' Bone
1985-1989: Doyle-Whiting Band
1989-????: Backbone Slip